Everyone is Welcome

Annual Corporation
& Board  Voting

April 25, 2021    
Annual Corporation Meeting
Starting at 6:00 pm via Facebook Live
and in-person (limited to 40 people)

This is the time of year that we ask you to become a member of Camp Manatawny and vote for our Board of Directors. Your paid membership helps us by creating a solid foundation of support. There are two ways you may join; either as a voting member or as a non-voting member: 

1) You may become a Voting Member if you are:  (1) eighteen (18) years of age or older; and, (2) a member of the Church of Christ.  

2) You may become a Non-Voting Member if you are: (1) younger than (18) years of age; and/or, (2) not a member of the Church of Christ.

Background information on each nominated Board Member and the election ballot are available in your UltraCamp account.  Click on the button above to complete the ballot and pay your membership fee.  Please complete one ballot for each paid voting member registered in your UltraCamp account.  

The Board of Directors at Camp Manatawny loves to hear from and meet with the members of the corporation and the extended Camp community. We are thrilled to hear your stories of how Camp has impacted your lives for Christ.  We also feel it is important to learn of any concerns you may have about Camp. Informally, many of our members and partners reach out to us on a Sunday morning at church, but please know, even if we do not worship together at the same local congregation, you may reach out to the Board Members through email.

We encourage everyone to partner with us by becoming a member. We appreciate everyone who has joined so far and for those planning on joining us.