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How to Register

Information you will need to have:

  • list of camper’s medications

  • Health Insurance information, past medical history, allergies

  • Emergency contact information

  • An alternate authorized pick up person

  • If your church is paying the registration fee, you will need the sponsorship code (you can get your sponsorship code from the camp advocate at your church)


  • Click Here to go to the Online Registration page.

  • Login or create a new account.

    • If you forgot your username and/or password use the Forgot your login information? link on the Login page.

    • This will send you an email or text to remind you of your username or to reset your password.

  • Once logged in, click on Make a Reservation, located on the left side under Common Tasks.

  • Continue through all the questions on each page, Clicking the Next button at the bottom until you get to the Confirmation Page.

  • Make payments via credit card or e-check*  or

    • Set up an automated payment plan so that you can space out your payments in a way that is convenient for your family

  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation / receipt.

  • You can log back in at any time and check your balance, complete forms (or update your medications, health form, cabin mate requests, add money to canteen) if you didn’t have time to finish when you registered, and even change which camp you are registered for.

  • If your church pays for your camper fees, please see your church camp advocate and ask for the Sponsorship Code.You will need to enter this code on the payment screen so that your balance displays correctly. 

  • If you have any credits carrying over from last summer they should show on your account and be deducted from your next reservation.

Why do you need an UltraCamp Account?

UltraCamp is an online database used by many camping facilities nationwide to help with the registration and record keeping of their summer camping and retreat programs. All paperwork is digitally saved inside the individual's UltraCamp account. Camp Manatawny uses this for all summer camp registrations, donations, retreat reservations, and email communication with you.

How do I access my UltraCamp account?

Click on the "My UltraCamp Account" white button on the top of any page on this website.  To access registration and account management features, you must create an account first, following the instructions on the Registration log-in page. (If you already have an account from a previous camp registration, enter your username and password to access it.) After you create your account, you will be asked to list a primary contact and a secondary contact, if desired.  At this time, you may also add anyone else you wish to have in your account. (Please keep your account to immediate family members. If a member is 18 or older and lives on their own, they may begin their own account)

What if I forgot my username and password?

From UltraCamp, click on the “Forgot your login information?” link and fill in your email address. Your login information will be sent to you. You can also email or call the Camp Manatwny business office at 610-689-0173, and we will assist you. (Please do not just make another account


What if an event is full?

If the event or session is full, scroll  and click on the “waiting list” for that event. You will be directed to the payment page where you are then able to “complete the order.” This will automatically add you to the waiting list. Once a spot is available, you will be contacted by phone and email.


What do the other tabs located on the main account page do?

  • Clicking on the person’s name directly - If you click on a person’s name, located on the main page, you will be directed to the “Person Detail” page. There is a “Person Detail” page for everyone listed in your UltraCamp account. The “Person Detail” page is where you may also make reservations, edit memberships (church affiliation), edit/add medications, and view/edit any forms that need to be completed.

  • View My Finances Tab – This is where you are able to view your account’s financial status. Here you are able to make various payments, print financial statements, make donations, and update your bank or credit card accounts .

  • Reservations and Session Waiting List – This is where all your reservations are recorded. You can view past years reservations.

  • Alternate Contacts – Persons not listed in your account whom you would like for us to contact are listed here.

  • Authorized Pickups – Persons not listed in your account who have permission to pick up your child are listed here. You may add or delete individuals here at any time.

  • Friends Account – This is where you add people to your account giving them the ability to view the photo gallery of your child while at summer camp. Camp Manatawny is currently not using this feature to it's full capabilities at this time.

Additional Options Tab - (This tab has many important features.)

  • Upcoming Sessions - Here you will see all upcoming sessions Camp has to offer.

  • Message Center - This lists every email message that has been sent to you and you can view them at anytime.

  • Donations - This is another location that will allow you to make a donation to Camp.

  • Sponsorship Codes - This allows anyone to make and purchase a sponsorship code to be given to someone else to pay for camp. (ex. a grandfather can purchase a code and present it to a grandchild. When the grandchild's parents register him for camp, they will use this code and the camp session will already be paid for.)

  • Photo Gallery - This is where you can view photos from each summer camp session.

  • Camp Store - This is where you can add money to a campers canteen account. You may also view what your child is purchasing during camp. You may also purchase canteen items throughout the year by shopping on our online store.

  • Gift Certificates - Purchase and email a personalized gift certificate for any amount. Give them as gifts for birthdays, holidays, etc. to be used at Camp.

  • Document Center - These documents have important information regarding financial assistance, preparing for summer camp, uploading your mandatory background checks and much more. You are able to download the forms and print them off anytime. This is also where you find the online forms that are in your account. Click on the form you would like to review or edit and then choose the name of the person which requires updating. This is where you could update a cabin mate request or change medications or medical history. 

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