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Summer Camp

Transforming Lives for Christ for a Lifetime!

Providing a meaningful and memorable camp experience for children and teens

Year after year our campers return to renew the strong bonds of friendship they build at Camp. Our hope is to provide each and every camper with a meaningful and memorable experience and our ultimate desire and hope is for young people’s lives to be transformed through the love of Jesus.

OVERNIGHT CAMP - $429/week

For the full camp experience, our overnight camps allow you to enjoy the adventures and wonder of the outdoors while growing in your relationship with God and others. You'll participate in a large variety of activities while learning Christian values, maturing physically, emotionally and spiritually; and developing life long relationships - all while having the time of your lives! For campers completing 1st through 12th grades.

An exciting 5-day week designed for the younger campers between grades 1 and 6 (each week accepts kids from 4 grade levels) to participate in a variety of activities each day in a safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere. Campers participate in small group Bible teaching, high-energy large group sessions, and adventure activities such as archery, swimming, climbing wall, crafts, & more. Day campers receive most of the benefits and activities of the overnight camps but without the overnight experience.  Each week of Day Camp is targeted at a specific grade level, with children from 4 different grades attending.

DAY CAMP - $329/week



Camp allows children to experience Jesus outside the home and church, offering a special experience with our trained staff to see the love of Christ. Experiencing Jesus outside the home helps the development of your child’s personal and spiritual beliefs.


Children need to develop skills that will benefit them now and in the future. For example, Camp Manatawny specifically tailors our summer camps to teach children how to share, make new friends, and gain a better understanding of people from different social backgrounds.


Life would be pretty boring without friends wouldn’t it? The combination of no distractions and the emphasis on relationships allows Camp to be a great place for children to meet new friends and strengthen relationships with current friends.


Let's face it, kids just don't play outside much anymore. They have busy school and activity schedules and when they are home, they tend to sit inside watching TV or playing video games. Camp provides plenty of fresh air and clean (sometimes dirty) outside FUN! 

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