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Discounts, Financial Aid
and Church Sponsorships

Camp Manatawny is one of the most affordable Christian summer camps you'll find. And to make it even more affordable, we offer the following discounts.
(NOTE: Discounts apply only to Overnight Camp, they do not apply to Day Camp)

Camp Financial Aid Deadline:
June 15, 2024:  

Early Registration Discount

Register and pay in full by end of April - pay only $399 
(+$4 registration fee) and get
$26 off.

First Time Camper Discount

We want to welcome all of

our new campers by giving them a $50 discount



Campers who have completed grades 4 through 9 are able to attend more than one week.
You receive a
$100 discount off the cost of the second week.

Multi-Camper Discount

Families that register more than two campers from their immediate family (ie. brother, sister) will receive a $40 discount for the third or more child.

Set up a payment plan for camp

When you register online and pay the minimum $50 deposit, you will have the flexibility to schedule an automatic payment plan that benefits you. You can also login to your account and make a payment anytime. Payment in full must be received prior to your camper's session.

Financial Aid "Campships"

for Qualified Families

Camp Manatawny loves to help youth come to camp! Through the generosity of Camp donors, the Camp is able to assist a limited number of families in providing the necessary funds to attend summer camp.

To be considered, we request that you cooperate by following each step in the financial aid application process, including providing a proof of income. 

Each camper family seeking aid is also expected to contribute some amount towards the cost of camp registration corresponding to their ability to pay, with the awarded aid making up the difference. 

While we do our best to help as many campers as possible, it may not be possible to provide aid to all applicants.  

  1. First seek assistance from your church, family, or other organization. If you are not affiliated with a church, click here to see a list of Camp Manatawny member churches.

  2. During online registration, you will indicate that you need financial aid. Answer all required questions.

  3. Pay the minimum $50 non-refundable deposit for each camper and contribute as much as you are able to your camper's tuition so our limited funds can benefit others.

  4. Funds are available and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, until funds are depleted.

  5. "Campships" do not include funds for use in the canteen (camp store) or online purchases. 

  6. If you do not receive the full award for the registration fee, any additional payments towards your balance must be completed 1 week prior to the first day of the camp session. You will have the opportunity to set up automatic scheduled payments or make them manually online. 

  7. No discounts or special offers apply to financial aid. 



Camp Manatawny has a partnership with several Sponsoring Churches that have agreed to pay the entire portion of a camper's registration for one or more campers.  This is called a Church Sponsorship. Many churches pay and are willing to assist a child to attend camp, so please check with your congregation to see if they are willing to assist you. If you have an agreement to be Sponsored by your church, ask them for their "Sponsorship Code".  During the registration process you'll be asked for this code at checkout.  Do not enter this sponsorship code on the "Discounts" page.  It should be entered on the "Payment" page, when you are selecting your method of payment (credit card, e-check, etc.).. just select "Sponsorship Code" and then enter the code for your sponsoring congregation.   

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