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Camp's Mission

A Christian Camp Glorifying God and Transforming Lives for Christ for a Lifetime.

Core Values


1. Christ centered – Christian
2. Functional integrity – honesty, quality, consistency
3. Personal Christian morality


What We Do

1. Value our affiliation within the churches of Christ

2. Value Summer Sessions as the keystone of our programs & services

3. Value the strengths of our volunteer system

4. Value being a positive influence for God in community

5. Value the spiritual and numerical strength added to the
participating churches of Chris

Camp's Vision


  • To preserve, enhance, and expand access to the life-changing spiritual experience that occurs during our summer camping sessions.

  • To be prudent and resourceful managers of land, facilities, staff and volunteers in a way that facilitates growth, financial stability, and stewardship of the resources God had entrusted to us.

  • To be a rich resource of blessing to those who share our Church of Christ heritage, as well as to all the additional communities we serve.

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