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All men are encouraged to come to a life-changing weekend. Bring your sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers-in- law, co-workers.


Spend time together in God’s creation, slow down a little and reflect on what God has said in His Word. Share stories, build friendships and have some fun that only Camp can provide. It's a weekend designed by men and for men. Wherever you are spiritually, Camp Manatawny's Men’s Retreat is the opportunity to separate yourself from the daily routine, turn down the volume of the world, and to listen to God and your brothers in Christ. 

The core reason we do this is to Transform Lives for Christ. That’s why the Men's retreat exists, Camp Manatawny exists, and why we want you to join us. Jesus retreated with his men (Mark3:7). He knew it was important, and we invite you to do the same.

Take Note: Although boys and young men are welcome to attend, there will be no special program for the youth at this year's Men's Retreat.

Pricing / Registration

Includes a light dinner, snacks, program, all activities, 1 night seasonal cabin lodging, breakfast & lunch on Saturday

Boys 12 and under only $10 

Note: There will be no special program
for the boys at the Men's Retreat

Upgraded all-season lodging (e.g. Bears Den, Nurses Cabin, Eagles Nest, Cabins-in-the-Woods) is available for an extra fee.  

There will be a $4 processing fee on all registrations

2022 Men’s Retreat Schedule

Friday evening 

5:00-7:00    Arrival/check-in in Garrett Hall – Camp Staff


6:00             Pizza & Salad Dinner in Garrett Hall upper level


7:00             Welcome and Speaker Introduction in Garrett Hall

7:10             Session 1 - Where does your power come from? (Nehemiah 1)

8:00             Singing

8:15             Prayer – Open to all men

8:30             Ice cream sundaes in Garrett Hall upper level 

9:15             Devotional and singing around the campfire near the climbing wall 

10:00           Games and fellowship available in Dining Hall. Prepare for bed.

Saturday morning 

7:00-8:30     Arrival/check-in in Garrett Hall

8:00             Breakfast in Dining Hall

9:00             Singing in Garrett Hall 

9:15             Prayer – Open to all men

9:25             Welcome 

9:30             Session 2 - What breaks your heart? (Nehemiah 2)

10:00           Bio-break

10:10           Singing in Garrett Hall 

10:20           Prayer – Open to all men

10:25           Session 3 - Who is your wingman? (Nehemiah 3 & 4)

11:00           Retreat time – Make a friend, be still, read God’s word, walk, fellowship with believers, play

12:00           Lunch in Dining Hall

1:00             Session 4 - Where is your home? (Matthew 6:9-15)

1:45             Prayer/Conclusion

                    Retreat time – Make a friend, be still, read God’s word, walk, fellowship with believers, play