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Are you facing mental health issues and challenges in your life and your relationships?​  Come to Camp to join other college-age adults and high school seniors to explore Christ-centered solutions to some of these challenges together. Listen to great speakers and attend breakout sessions.  Spend time with friends.  Share, sing, play and enjoy free time.  And ring in the New Year at Camp!

Check with your church to see if they offer a sponsorship code for you to use to pay for your retreat registration fee.

Pricing / Registration

Only $99
(includes $4 online registration fee)
covers 9 meals, all activities, and
3 nights all-season lodging.


Theme: Coming Soon

Speakers: Coming Soon


Tentative Schedule:


Friday, 29th


5-6 PM       Registration

6-6:10         Welcome

6:15-7:00    Dinner

7:15-7:45    Hymns

7:45-8:15    Speaker/Introduction

8:15-8:45    Community game

10:00           Devotional/prayer

Free time


Saturday, 30th


8:30        Breakfast

9:15        Breakout group

10:15      Group discussion

10:45      Breakout group

11:45      Breakout group

12:45      Lunch

1:30        Counselor training (optional, open to everyone)/free time

5:30        Dinner

6:30        Hymns

7:00        Speaker

7:45        Free Time/Activities

9:30        Devotional/Prayer time

Free time 


Sunday, 31st


8:30         Breakfast

9:15         Breakout group

10:15       Worship

11:00       Breakout group

12:00       Lunch

1:00         Advanced breakout groups

2:00         Training videos (optional)/free time

5:30         Dinner

6:30         Hymns

7:00         Speaker

7:45         Vespers/Prayer

10:30       New Year's eve party

12:05       Devotional

Free time


Monday, 1st


9:00       Breakfast

9:45       Group discussion

10:30     Prayer walk

11:15     Clean/pack

12:15     Lunch

1:00       Farewell/surveys

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